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Post Your Windows 8 Screenshots

Messagepar jackadam » 03 Oct 2017, 12:26

Here's a place to post some Windows 8 screenshots, lets see what your Windows 8 (developer preview) looks like so far.

Eventually this will be a place to post general Windows 8 official screenshots too, and hopefully we can see the improvements in the development of Windows 8 over time if they change anything.
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I used the print screen button method to extract this image, however, I noticed they don't have paint in the Windows 8 developer install, so I had to download that, and I tried saving in jpg, and png, but it said the save was interupted, so 24bit bmp happend to finally work... After all of that, I found out that this forum doesn't support bmp uploads, so I had to convert it over to a jpg lol
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It's uploading right now, so i'll edit this post with my image when it's done.

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