Où est le boot.ini ?

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Messagepar eexit » 26 Juin 2006, 14:28

Où est le boot.ini ?


Je n'ai pas trouvé le fichier boot.ini qui se trouve sous WinXP à la racine du disque dur.
J'ai cherché mais en vain, je n'arrive pas à le trouver...

Si quelqu'un sait...

(Win Vista Beta 2 5384).

Merci :)
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Messagepar JoShuA » 26 Juin 2006, 14:45


Il n'y en a plus ...
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Messagepar FxPatrice » 26 Juin 2006, 14:46

What has changed?

Windows Vista introduces a new boot loader architecture; a new firmware-independent boot configuration and storage system called Boot Configuration Data (BCD); and a new boot option editing tool, BCDEdit (BCDEdit.exe). These components are designed to load Windows more quickly and more securely.

The traditional Windows NT boot loader, Ntldr, is replaced by Windows Boot Manager (Bootmgr.exe) and a set of system-specific boot loaders. In the new configuration, Windows Boot Manager is generic and unaware of the specific requirements for each operating system, and each system-specific boot loader is optimized for the system that it loads.

What happened to Boot.ini?

On BIOS-based computers that are running only Windows Vista, the Boot.ini text file is gone (not hidden) and any remnants of it on interim beta test builds are ignored. On computers with both earlier versions of Windows and with Windows Vista, the Boot.ini file remains to support the older versions but it does not affect booting in Windows Vista.

On EFI-based computers that are running Windows Vista, boot options are still stored in NVRAM. However, in Windows Vista you use BCDEdit to edit boot options on an EFI-based computer just as you would on a BIOS-based computer, instead of accessing NVRAM directly by using Windows APIs or specialized tools such as NvrBoot.

Windows Vista also includes new BCD classes that are supported by the WMI provider and enable you to edit BCD programmatically. For information about BCD classes, see the end of this tip.

How do I edit the boot options?

BCDEdit (Bcdedit.exe) is a command-line tool that edits boot options in Windows Vista. It replaces Bootcfg (a boot options editing tool that is included in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003) and NvrBoot (a boot options editing tool for EFI-based computers).

Use BCDEdit to edit the boot configuration in Windows Vista. You can continue to use Bootcfg and NvrBoot and to edit the Boot.ini file in versions of Windows earlier than Windows Vista, even if they are installed on a computer that also has Windows Vista installed.

Source : http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/ti ... vista.mspx
http://forum-windows.com : Forum Windows 10 - Forum Windows 8 - Forum Windows 7 ...
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Messagepar eexit » 26 Juin 2006, 15:20

Merci pour l'info mais je n'ai pas compris comment lancer Bcdedit.exe.
J'ai essayé avec la commande executer et par cmd..
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